Prasan has joined forces with one of the leaders in prepaid Telecommunications, IDT, to distribute Boss Revolution. Boss Revolution is a one-stop-shop portal that provides variety of communication and payment services with no inventory.

Some of the unique advantages Prasan is able to provide to its retailers are:

Nationwide customer service  |  We provide flexible payments methods  |  In-store promotions (selected cities)  |  Free Marketing Material  |  Free training, as many times as you like  |  Free tablet or laptop (selected cities)  |  Quick approval, Prasan is able to open a new account within minutes  |  Aggressive commissions on your direct store sales

Unlike other distributors, a credit card is not always required. Prasan is the only distributor that offers unlimited credit lines.

Boss Revolution Pinless Dialing

Boss Revolution was launched in 2009 as an alternative to calling cards.

Boss Revolution Pinless is a prepaid long distance service that allows anyone in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico to make international calls from any phone at a very affordable rate.

Boss Revolution offers unique features to its consumers such as speed dial, quick call (one-button calling), the ability to share your balance with up to 10 different people (family share) and many more.

Unlimited plan

Unlimited calling is a unique product; it allows customers to call over 50 destinations unlimited for $5! This feature allows customers to call one or all of the countries in the plan and talk as long as they want! No contract and it works with any telephone provider.