Prasan International Recharges

We have direct interconnections with some of the largest cellular providers in Latin America. E-Pins, Hard Cards and API Interconnections are available.

Prasan International Recharges products (PIR) allows you to add balances to prepaid mobile phones around the world in real-time from USA, Canada and Europe.

  • Sending mobile phone credit is easy, fast and safe.
  • Top up is applied instantly to the mobile account provided.
  • 24/7 online access.
  • International Mobile Top-Up is a worldwide airtime remittance service that transfers cash into the “Mobile Wallet.”
  • 70% of the total mobiles users in LATAM are prepaid.
  • Rates are lower when calling from LATAM to USA.
  • International money remittance – the business of electronically sending money abroad – is a booming market, with users in the U.S. sending about $42 billion annually to other countries. Now that same market dynamic will cause an explosion in the international mobile top-up business.

Why sell International Top-ups?

  • 200 million immigrants worldwide send $400 billion in cash back home every year.
  • High remittance fees make it difficult for immigrants to send small cash gifts home. ....meanwhile:
  • 2 out of 3 of the world's mobile phones are prepaid (85% in developing countries).
  • In developing countries, telecommunications represent up to 10% of household expenses.

Crediting a prepaid mobile phone abroad (i.e. making an international top-up) has become a proven way for immigrants to make low cost, high value gift to their loved ones.

Prasan International Recharges makes it simple for all types of distributors to plug into our network of multiple mobile operators in multiple countries and capitalize on international airtime top-ups, a $20 billion market.